Jim Murray. Posted on: April 6, 2017



Let’s admit it, not every tenant reaching out to rent your property may be a 100% great fit. Sometimes there are signs a prospective tenant is trying to scam you.

I was reading a great article this morning published on about this exact topic. (Link Here – Signs a Prospective Tenant is Trying to Scam You)

Over the years we’ve focused whole heartedly on refining our application and showing process to avoid or recognize a lot of the pitfalls relayed in this article. We manage property for a couple of owners who have received the “Large up-front Cash Offer” from a prospective tenant, AND that’s the last cash they ever received from that tenant! All aboard the train to eviction court.

It’s hard out there for a landlord but we invite you to pay attention and take note of what you think could be less than favorable activity. Think about some of the things you may do yourself if you were a prospective tenant to showcase your were a great fit for a property.

One of the other big scams we see frequently is a prospective tenant looking to provide their own Eviction/Background/Credit records. This is 99 times out of 100 a red flag. We recognize that we do run a hard pull on a prospects credit but it is crucial for us to run this through our own software. Technology is so advanced today that providing what looked like a legitimate credit report could be as easy as adding a filter to a photo on social media. Now I’m not saying that everyone has malicious intent BUT it happens – Stay on your toes out there!



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